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PSR Industrial - Engineering

PRONAL designs and manufactures customized products satisfying the specific requirements of companies thanks to its computer-assisted design and drafting research and development office, its knowledge of the performance of materials used and its control of specific production facilities such as high-frequency welding and vacuum hot vulcanization. The material inspection laboratory and product testing on test benches ensure that production complies with requirements.

  1. Grout-Packer and Diaphragm
  2. Flexible Bag For Laminated Glass Heat Treatment
  3. Inflatable Enclosure For Refreactory Brick Wedging
  4. Sealing Joint For An Underwater Lock
  5. Anti-Pollution Inflatable Boom
  6. Flexible Seperator for Transformer
  7. Flexible Compensator For Hydraulic Circuits
  8. Automobile Windshield Press Joints
  9. Flexible Container For Powders
  10. Inflatable Cementing Joint
  11. Nuclear Source Guiding Bag
  12. Flexible Habitat and Gate For Underwater Repair
  13. Inflatable Stopper For Argon Welding
  14. Mooring And Docking Fenders
  15. Quick Water River Buoy For Leisure Parks
  16. Flexible Biogas Tank


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