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Electrochemical instruments (under construction):
potentiostats/galvanostats; Avesta cell; etc

Electrode systems:
Trendchem (pH, conductivity & ECP measurement at 300 dC & 200 Bar); potential control & measurement; multi-potential measurement (MPT); Contact Electric Resistance (CER) for characterization surface films

Stress corrosion cracking systems:
constant load & SSRT systems for high temperature & pressure; 1, 2 or 4 devices in one autoclave; computer controlled; SS316, Hastelloy

Metallic coating analyzers (Stannomatic/Sumetal) (under construction):
computer controlled thickness measurement of Cr, Sn & Zn layers; for tin plate mills; electro-plating; hot dip galvanizing; galvaneealing

Loop systems (under construction):
high temperature & pressure loop simulating PWR & BWR conditions; high velocity loop; inhibitor testing in industrial cooling water (NEN7420)

Engineering and Services (under construction):
studies and testing to be performed with above systems (CER, SSRT, MPT) 

Partner companies:

Cormet, Finland
VTT, Finland
Bank Elektronik, Germany
Indel, Israel



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