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Can Profile Analyzer

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An ingenious new method of analyzing the can profile allows for the first completely automated solution for bead and neck analysis.

This new system, running under Windows 95/98TM allows can manufacturers to accurately measure cans in the production environment in record-breaking speeds. Using state-of-the-art optics, a typical can profile may be measured in less than 20 seconds. The completely automated software automatically detects the beads, flange widths and can height in optimal accuracy at this top speed.

Ad-hoc measurements can also be taken using the mouse, using reference lines and measuring both lengths and angles taken anywhere on the scanned profile.

Other profile analyzers don’t even measure neck radiuses and angles. Typically, a contour analyzer is used for this measurement - a measurement technique which is both inaccurate (in terms of the neck angles and radiuses) and very time consuming. This also results in the dependency of the results on the particular operator performing the measurement (i.e., dissimilar results for the same can measured by different operators).

cpa_logo.gif (37744 bytes)Competing products typically have various speeds – each of which has its own accuracy level. Typically, the slowest speed holds the standard, required, accuracy level. Since operators do not have time to operate at these dead-slow speeds, they typically go for higher speeds, consequently dramatically reducing the accuracy level of the entire measurement. Quality By Vision’s Can Profile Analyzer, on the other hand, has one fast speed - typically overcoming the accuracy of competing products at their own maximum accuracy level. When speed is concerned, competing products are typically slower than Can Profile Analyzer at their fastest speed (when their accuracy level is reduced to a minimum)!

The Can Profile Analyzer can run on the same system as SEAMetal 9000W as well as any other Quality By Vision product.

A certified calibration gauge can be added to the system for full ISO 9000 compliance.

The Can Profile Analyzer can integrate additional measurements and values into its reports (e.g., additional can diameters) using standard gauges/calipers or even using the keyboard.

Measurements and reports can be exported into any popular file format, including Microsoft Word, Excel and even Internet formats.

can_profile_analyzer.gif (18571 bytes)

Can Profile Analyzer - snapshot of the beads in a 4 bead-group can (click on image for enlargement)

Key Benefits

External measurement devices supported!
Also measures can height, flanges, neck radiuses and neck angle!
Single scan-speed at full resolution.
Windows 95/98TM, user-friendly.
Multilingual! Call for more information about translating to your native language.
NAMAS certified master gauge (ISO9000).



Resolution: 0.015 mm
Bead depth resolution : 0.01mm
Scan time about 8 seconds for 250mm can!
Sensor type: No contact!
Scan information:Exportable, information about the entire can profile (not just beads)
Automatic detection:Beads, can height, flanges, Neck information (three radiuses and the neck angle).
Additional measurements:Ad-hoc measurements between any two points on the screen.

A demo application can be sent out to interested parties upon request.




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