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Twin Blade Saw - TBS-4

The twin blade saw was designed as an ancillary tool, which enables the SEAMetal 9000W to inspect a cross section cut of the double and tripple seams.

The saw comes in two variations:

  1. Automatic Twin Blade Saw
    •Single button causes cut to start.
    •Clean cut - perfect for SEAMetal system.
    •Produces ideal GR&R results, since operator strength does not matter during cut.
  2. Manual Twin Blade Saw
    •Easy to pull lever.
    •Clean cut - perfect for SEAMetal system.
    •Replaceable saw blades.

General information

Accurate : No damage or distortion of the seam
Economic : Universal, ready to cut any type and size of can
Safe : No access to blades - mechanism holds the can while cutting.
Maintenance:Easy replacement of blades - shavings collection drawer.


Can capacity50-250 mm diameter
Cutting time 7 seconds
Two blades 100x22x0.5 mm or 4x1x0.02 inches.
Cut width12.7mm (1/2 inch).
Speed620 RPM

Optional features:

Table to cut Aerosol cans.
Table to cut General Line cans, Pails, Canisters.
Noise reducer for the Twin Blade Saw.
Titanium Nitrate coated blades.

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