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Seametal 9000W

PSR Quality Control

The SEAMetal double-seam inspector provides a reliable quality assurance process control for the seaming process in food and beverage cans as well as aerosol cans.

seametal_optical_unit.gif (40530 bytes)
seametal standard optical unit

SEAMetal is the only true fully-automatic seam detector in the industry. Speed and accuracy being the foremost importance, SEAMetal measures a seam in less than a second (vs. more than a minute with some of the competing products). Other double seam inspectors have semi-automatic or manual processes for measuring the double seam. These cause a significant slow-down, since an operator must manually realign a large number of crosses (or lines) on a screen in order to accurately measure the seam parameters. This process significantly increases the amount of time the operator must spend on each seam while lowering the degree of accuracy and increasing the dependability of the system on the operator’s own accuracy (which differs from one operator to another).

SEAMetal provides the best GR&R rating in the industry - using an automatic saw, a unique centering device, and automatic seam detection - the same measurements will be taken regardless of the operator performing the measurement!

SEAMetal 9000W utilizes the latest technologies in both optics and computer science. SEAMetal runs under Windows 95/98TM operating system, allowing the operator to run additional tasks such as word processing and spread sheets as needed. SEAMetal can also be integrated into an existing networks for remote printing as well as backup purposes.

The integrated SPC software lets operators and managers perform process analysis on their production lines – consequently improving the overall quality and their ability to forecast potential problems much earlier than ever before.

Measurements and reports can be exported into all popular file format, including Microsoft Word, Excel and even Internet formats.

NAMAS certified calibration gauges can be added to the system for full ISO 9000 compliance.

The optional SEAMetal double blade saw has a well known reputation and provides a precise double seam cut, thus further improving the accuracy of the SEAMetal system.

seametal_snapshot.gif (42147 bytes)
Snapshot of the automatic image detector (click for enlargement)

Key Benefits:

Quick measurement (under 1 second) with little or no need for any operator corrections
Free SPC system.
Tight integration with Excel for automatic, customizable reports!
Multilingual!  Translations available to most countries! •Runs under Windows 95/98TM.
Call for Windows NT support
Call for special Free-space option!
External gauge support (e.g., can height, flange width, seam thickness, seam length and more!).
Competitive upgrades for existing, non-automatic seam analyzers! Contact us for details.
New! Laptop version now available.
CE certified.
Prefocused, precalibrated.
Optional gauge attachements (e.g., Countersink gauge - integrated into the optical unit).


Specifications :

Magnification x 50 (lower magn. upon request)
Resolution0.01mm (0.001 inches)

A demo application can be sent out to interested parties upon request.




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