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PSR Quality Control

SEAMetal now includes a new, completely free, Statistical Process Analyzer.

Using this tool, one can compare heads, sections and detect production flaws that can only be seen while looking at a statistical cross section of seam cuts.

SPC integrates completely into SEAMetal, allowing you to measure seams directly from it, using a simplified menu.  An operator can simply enter their ID code, select the shift they are working on, select a standard and proceed to measure that standard.

Once enough data has been captured, the operator can view statistics graphs and formulas for each of the measurement parameter.  The operator can select the date range, number of points, standard, measurement operator and shift - for the graphs.

spc-histogram.gif (33867 bytes)
SPC - Histogram statistics screen

Statistical Graph Types :

X bar
X bar - R
Weekly report (comparison between heads).

Key Benefits:

Very quick measurement procedure right from SPC.
Completely integrates into SEAMetal.
Completely free.
Multilingual!  Call for information about translating to your native language.

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