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PSR Quality Control

This innovative new solution to data collection and statistical processing allows managers to collect data from a variety of instruments and perform statistical process control on their measurements.

Running under Windows 95 and integrating the latest technologies, this completely software-based system allows operators and managers to analyze and collect their instrumentation results in an automated and accurate fashion.

A can maker may want to have Symphony stations monitoring each stage of the can production cycle.

The first station can measure the can height, diameter and weight. The next station can be placed at another point in the production line, measuring can height, flange widths, can diameter and weight. The final station can measure any of these measurements as well as add additional diameters, a pressure sensor (testing the pressure at which the can explodes) and any additional measurements and tests that may be required.

This allows the manager to quickly determine if any of the lines is producing lower quality than the others. Also, the manager can quickly determine where potential problems are introduced into the production cycle and which production stage is operating at below-optimum quality levels.

symphony.gif (16083 bytes)

Symphony - snapshot of measurement screen (click on image for enlargement)


Quality By Vision continually adds new drivers, supporting the leading gauges and data collection equipment as they are introduced. This includes pressure gauges, weight gauges, temperature gauges, standard calipers (e.g., Sylvac and Mitutoyo gauges) and custom measurement controllers (e.g., testing the thickness of a particular property in the product - such as the pressure at which the can buckles).

Symphony completely integrates with SEAMetal 9000W in order to provide a complete solution for manufacturers collecting data at various locations in the production cycle.

Symphony stations can be interconnected, thus providing the manager a single location in which all of the data is collected and processed. The manager can monitor production quality from this central station - as well as produce valuable SPC information.

Each gauge utilized by Symphony must be individually calibrated for full ISO 9000 compliance.

symphony_histogram.gif (12050 bytes)

Symphony - snapshot of statistics screen.

Measurements and reports can be exported into any popular file format, including Microsoft Word, Excel and even Internet format.

Key Benefits

Works with any gauge (length, weight, pressure and more).
Extensive SPC support & graphs.
Full integration with SEAMetal 9000W for full statistical processing on can manufacturing process.

A demo application can be sent out to interested parties upon request.

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