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High pressure & temperature autoclave systems:
magnetically or capillary stirring; volumes from 30 ml to 50 L; heating & cooling; constant gas pressure; SS 316, Hastelloy, etc

Medium pressure autoclave systems:
magnetically or mechanically stirring; volumes from 1 L to 500 L; full vacuum to 150 Bar; special forms; SS 316, Hastelloy, Ni

Catalyst characterization units:
high pressure TPC methods; TPR, TPO & TPD with mass spectrometry; TGA; vacuum 10 -9 Torr to 80 Bar; simultaneous & sequential action

General purpose and dedicated pilot units & pilot plants:
from microflow to sophisticated, PC controlled pilot units; fixed & fluidized bed; FCC Microriser, Auto-MAT, Steaming; hydroprocessing

Supercritical Extraction Pilot Plants:
multipurpose SCE pilot plants for batch or continuous extraction solids, liquids for solids; supercritical fluids; HP spray drying

Engineering studies and sample testing:
special system/equipment design to client's specifications; sample testing with our FCC Microriser or Auto-MAT; feasability studies

High pressure components:
valves & fittings; 1/16", 1/8", 1/4"; manual, electric, pneumatic; pressure sensors; diaphragm compressor; pneumatic & hydraulic pumps

"Split oven" heating elements/system for tubular reactors:
control temperature profile by multiple heating zones; alu-bronze heating bloc; tight fit reactor geometry; quick cooling by opening  

Partner companies:

Top Industrie, France (ISO 9002)
Cetal, France (ISO 9002)
Imtech Systems (van Rietschoten & Houwens), Holland (ISO 9001)
Sitec, Switzerland



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